FW+PLUS Tooth Whitening System (3ml x 2)


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Combining ingredients based on the latest tooth whitening technology to the ThermoForming Mouth Tray, our product achieves a synergy that results in the best whitening effect. With it you can start to easily remove stains that show on your teeth, making your teeth brighter and whiter, your smile lovelier, appearance younger, and more charming than ever!

• Whitening together with the mouth tray enhances the whitening effect
• Your teeth stay white long after use
• Just 3 simple steps accomplish teeth whitening easily
• Experience at-home whitening procedure that delivers dentist level effects at 1/10 of the expense
• Approved by the Ministry of Health and protected by product liability insurance
• TFDA Cosmetics Registration Number 016510
• The easiest, low-priced beauty procedure that everyone should do!
• Just one application per day. Simple and easy for everyone
• Free beautiful, compact Mouth Tray Storage Box, so you can bring it with you and whiten on the go
• USA FDA registered factory, our product is ISO certified and with USP compliant production standards for safe, stable quality assurance
• Professional Lab providing research and development, and monitoring the manufacturing quality standards
• Imported from USA. Made in USA!
• Effectively improves factors causing yellowing teeth: red wine stains, coffee stains, cigarette stains, tea stains, food coloring, and color accumulation from aging teeth
• English Instruction Manual

3-Step Whitening powerfully removes teeth stain:
1. Use the super easy, do-it-yourself custom-forming mouth tray
2. Combining tray with Mint Whitening Essence™ Whitening Gel for faster, more effective whitening
3. Start whitening your teeth, simple and easy

Your FW+PLUS Tooth Whitening System includes:
• 2 FW+PLUS formula Mint Whitening Essence™ Whitening Gels (3ml/pc)
• 2 ThermoMold Mouth Trays
• 1 compact Mouth Tray Storage Box
• Instructions: includes a detailed English instruction pamphlet

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14 reviews for FW+PLUS Tooth Whitening System (3ml x 2)

  1. Jonson

    Its absolutely amazing im totally buying it to my friend for Christmas. Recommend it to everyone. Easy to use and very simple instructions.

  2. Emma

    This stuff is fantastic! I was surprised at how effective it was. I definetly noticed a change. Would totally order it again!

  3. Zoe

    The best at home tooth whitening DIY kit ever!

  4. Rhodes


  5. Felix

    I had sensitivity issues with all strips and don’t have that feeling with this. Will re-order!

  6. Mary

    I love this product. Fast results when used as directed. I had no issues with sensitivity of teeth.

  7. Ann

    I have been using this as directed for a little over a week now and so far the results have been amazing. Thank you!

  8. Doreen

    I’ve never whitened my teeth before but this really does a great job! Definitely would recommend to any teeth-whitening addicts.

  9. Noel

    It works very well and its much easier than strips.

  10. Sharon

    Hands down the most effective whitening kit I’ve ever used.

  11. George

    Love my tea and coffee. I have been using this product for a couple of years to keep my teeth bright. I don’t tell my dentist and he even comments that my teeth look nice. I would not be without it.

  12. Cooper

    Worth 5 stars! I have tried this product 4 days in a row. Definitely seeing positive results without the sensitivity!

  13. Blair

    This is a very good product that I would recommend to anybody looking to whiten their teeth. It is non-sensitive. Great overall product. A+

  14. Beck

    Works like a charm…wouldn’t want to be out of this stuff. Great product super price…and its worth the money if you can’t afford a dentist bill cleaning. This is the best thing! Thanks for selling it so inexpensively too!

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