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Is it that once I start using a teeth whitening product I can immediately see a noticeable whitening effect?

You need only use FW+PLUS for few days before you start to clearly see your teeth whitened. No home use (DIY) teeth whitening product provides so-called instantaneous whitening. Teeth whitening is not magic; results takes a little time and patience. Even if you go to the dentist and undergo Whitening it would take you 2 to 3 hours—and cost you lots of money—for the same whitening effect. To purchase a good product, you need to analyze and judge between reasonable advertising and exaggerated, possibly false advertising.

Other teeth whitening products I see in stores, like Whitening Strips, do not have mouth trays like you. Just how important is a mouth tray?

A mouth tray is a very important element in teeth whitening. This is why, when you go to a dentist for at home teeth whitening, the dentist will always make a mouth tray for you to use together with the whitening gel. Only a mouth tray can guarantee that the whitening gel sticks on the teeth surface correctly, provoking teeth reaction for good whitening results. If you try to whiten your teeth with only whitening strips and without a mouth tray, you can easily end up with uneven whitening between your teeth and, in serious cases, even spots on your teeth. You might also swallow excessive whitening gel easily, causing possible stomach and intestinal discomfort.

How does FW+PLUS whiten teeth?

Tooth brushing only cleans the teeth surface, whereas FW+PLUS not only cleans the teeth surface (as in the case of using our Whitening Foam), but goes deep into the teeth to oxidize stains, thus whitening teeth. FW+PLUS’s specially formulated Mint Whitening Essence™ Whitening Gels (same ingredient as what dentists use) break down and act on stains that have settled within the teeth, oxidizing them and turning them white. This process enables teeth to be whitened, while causing no harm to the structure of your teeth.

How can I compare the differences in color before and after I whiten my teeth?

We recommend that you first whiten your upper teeth and then whiten your lower teeth. In this way you can see the clear difference between the two.

Do you guarantee your product?

We guarantee your satisfaction. We back our product and provide a full refund satisfaction guarantee should the product fail to produce results! We only ask that our customers act with conscience and refrain from abusing this policy. The fact is, we believe you WILL be satisfied with our products, and will even recommend it to your friends and family. That’s why we offer the result-or-refund satisfaction guarantee. Please refer to our refund policies, as well as customer testimonials of user experiences.

Is FW+PLUS's home based whitening procedure the same thing as that highly expensive whitening procedure at the dentist?

Absolutely! FW+PLUS uses the same whitening gel, same concentration, and same whitening process as what’s offered at the dental office. The fact is, many dentists recommend FW+PLUS and use it to whiten their patients’ teeth. We provide mouth trays that adopt to the shapes of your mouth and teeth, as well as whitening gel that is identical to that offered by dentists for at-home teeth whitening.

Is FW+PLUS safe?

All FW+PLUS products are researched and developed by our American research team, and is safe and effective! Every product, including the Extra Strength Whitening Toothpaste and our Tooth Whitening System, is produced using the most stringent quality control standards and meets all production process standards for major pharmaceutical companies. It is approved by the Taiwan Ministry of Health, and has been permitted by the TFDA, for legal sale (TFDA Cosmetics Registration Number 016510). Consumer safety is absolutely ensured. Furthermore, FW+PLUS holds a $10 million liability insurance policy with ShinKong Insurance Co., Ltd., providing every user with safety and guarantee during product use.

How is FW+PLUS different from other similar whitening products, like whitening strips? Would it be more effective?

Simply put, many whitening products sold in cosmetic/drug stores use less effective or more diluted whitening solutions. Products obtained from most channels also lack mouth trays (in the case of whitening strips), and so lack the ability to fix their whitener to the teeth properly to allow for the expected effect. Having no mouth tray also means that the whitener is easily diluted by saliva or swallowed into the digestive system. Such products also have low concentrations of whitening ingredients.

Then there are smear and rub type products or whitening strips, that either lack mouth trays or use mouth trays that cannot mold well to the shape of your teeth. These products do not allow the whitener to cover to the teeth properly. Most whitening products use less effective ingredient combinations or more diluted whitening solutions. FW+PLUS uses its specially formulated Mint Whitening Essence™ Whitening Gel. If the whitening solution is too diluted, it would be insufficiently effective (waste of money and time—frustration). But if it is too high in concentration, then most will feel soreness and discomfort during the whitening period. Therefore, different products will use different optimal whitening formulations, depending on its particular usage.

We believe that consumers will form logical conclusions to answer this question. After research and comparison, we are confident that you will make the right choice. Also on this page there are a number of teeth whitening related information, which we recommend for your reference. Should you still have other questions, we welcome your enquiry; our customer service staff will be happy to answer them one by one. Pay attention to whether other products present scientific treatment theories that you can accept, whether they offer money back guarantees, and whether their prices are too low or too high (results from excessively cheap products are very much worthy of suspicion). All these are important points for you to consider.

What ingredient concentration does FW+PLUS use for its whitener?

FW+PLUS features the maximum allowed ingredient concentration deemed suitable for consumers by the Ministry of Health. But concentration is not the only criteria with which to judge teeth whitening products, as teeth whitening is a combination of many interrelating conditions and criteria, including brand name, factory production quality, large-factory-grade quality control, price, country of origin, and brand reputation. The product should come in professional, non-bulk packaging, should not have been imported on a fly-by-night basis, and should have been imported by legally authorized, official distributor/company, with a customer service system, non-satisfaction refund guarantee, and so forth. One cannot determine a product’s effectiveness by looking at active ingredient concentration alone. The fact is, every manufacturer decides on a suitable concentration for its formula based on its product’s contents. If active ingredient concentration is the only thing to go after, then it would be easy to simply raise concentration to the max and get the best product, wouldn’t it? But do you really think it’s that easy? The fact is, many products featuring 10% concentration outperform products boasting 35%. So when it comes to concentration, it’s not higher the better, but is about producing a good match with the product’s numerous other ingredients and considerations. Please do not be misled by those pedestrian, uninspired vendors.

Are there any after-effects once I whiten my teeth?

Most by far will not experience any problems. Only a very few will experience minor sensitivity over the whitening period. But these symptoms will disappear within 1 to 3 days, once the user stops application or once the whitening process is complete. There are no after-effects outside of these.

How soon will I see the whitening effects of FW+PLUS, or how many days must I whiten before I see the difference?

Normally, you will see a difference within a few days of use. But there may be slight differences in time due to differences in natural teeth color and level of staining between different users.

After having made my mouth tray, I'm not satisfied with its shape. Is there something I can do?

You can soften your mouth tray by placing it in hot water, then re-sculpt it into a shape suitable for you.

I feel discomfort when wearing the mouth tray that I made. What can I do?

If the mouth tray feels too long, or if it pushes against your gum and makes you uncomfortable, you can trim off the excess parts. If an edge is too sharp and makes you uncomfortable, you can place that edge in contact with hot water, and it will soften and smoothen. If you accidentally bit through the mouth tray while forming it into shape, you can reheat that part and pinch it to seal it up.

Can FW+PLUS whiten other dental products?

FW+PLUS is specifically designed to whiten natural teeth. It cannot whiten dentures, braces, dental fillings, porcelain veneers, and other such dental products, but neither will it harm them. As braces cannot be whitened, color differentiations may appear after whitening. Sometimes the differentiation is not obvious, but if it is conspicuous then after whitening ask a dentist to change the coloring for the dentures/braces. (This can certainly be done, but you need not say that this is for the sake of color change; simply say that the dentures have aged and need restoration, and when the restoration is done remind him to have it match the present teeth coloring. We recommend that you go to a less experienced dentist for this, as highly experienced dentists may feel that you are asking for a cosmetic procedure and charge you tens of thousands of dollars, or be unwilling to do it at all. Go through a few dentists and for sure you will find one who’ll do it for you.) Just make sure to whiten your teeth before you look for a dentist for dentures/braces color change. Don’t get the sequence wrong.

My teeth seem to feel a bit sensitive?

A few particular individuals with rather sensitive teeth may feel sensitivity while using whitening-type products. These occurrences are considered common, but they don’t last long, do not cause any harm, and would stop once usage stops. Normally speaking, only a few number of people will feel sensitivity in the beginning, but get used to it gradually after a day or two. Please make sure that you follow the whitening procedure detailed in the Instruction Manual found inside your product box.

How would those few with more sensitive teeth accomplish teeth whitening?

You may precede use with two weeks of brushing with sensitivity toothpaste, to make your teeth less sensitive before beginning your teeth whitening. You may also decrease the timespan of each teeth whitening session, or increase the downtime between sessions. Normally speaking, only a few will feel more sensitivity in the beginning, and they will gradually adapt after a few days. (You should only require this step if you have stronger sensitivity experiences, as most people have no need for this method.)

How long does the effect of FW+PLUS last?

The effect’s continuation differs on your personal dietary habits, as does the length of time before your next whitening, so if you drink coffee, cola, tea and such quite often, then your teeth may require whitening sooner than others. But regardless, once your teeth are whitened, it would take quite a bit to stain it again. Just think, didn’t it take twenty, thirty years of non-whitening use before your teeth got to where it is today? After using FW+PLUS, teeth normally maintain whiteness for a long time. But most beauty conscious consumers also love showing their beautiful white teeth; these tend to whiten their teeth once every 6~12 months.

How much whitening gels does FW+PLUS include?

You will have more than enough whitening gels to complete your whitening procedure. You will not need to purchase more whitening gels to complete whitening (unlike other products, which often have insufficiency issues or are sold in sample packs). According to user habits, most users will have plenty of whitening gels left upon completion of their whitening procedure—enough to do another maintenance procedure (if required).

Do I need to brush my teeth before whitening?

There is no tooth brushing requirement. The important thing is to avoid using teeth staining products (such as coffee, tea, soda, cigarettes, etc.) during your whitening period, so that they will not affect your overall whitening results. Simply rinse your mouth with water after each whitening procedure.

Will anything happen if the whitening agent is swallowed?

As long as you don’t swallow your whitener by the mouthful (any whitening procedure will result in minor whitener intake, including those done at your dentist), swallowing a bit of whitening agent is harmless to the human body. It also does not adversely affect periodontitis. Your mouth tray will definitely fit you well enough to whiten your teeth properly, but even the best-fit mouth tray will have whitener leaks. The whitener will not harm your gums, and if too much seeps occur, simply wipe with tissue or spit the whitener out.

What if my teeth are just genetically yellow?

If your teeth are genetically yellower than others, you can still improve your current shade of color. Any whitening can only remove added stains, but that alone can be 3~7 levels of coloring. You can just try it first, and we are confident that you will be satisfied. Even if your teeth are naturally yellow, they would still have gone through decades of staining, making them even yellower or darker. So regardless, teeth whitening will greatly improve your teeth’s color. To see the difference, first whiten only your upper teeth and see the contrast between those and your lower teeth. After that, whiten your lower teeth, as you can see the result should be quite satisfying.


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I saw【Gift Voucher】on your website, what is it?

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What currency do you accept for order transaction?

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What is your Minimum Order Amount?

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What is your return policy?

All FW+PLUS customers are eligible【100% satisfaction guarantee】, if you receive your products and not 100% satisfied, or if you want to return unopened / unused merchandise, we’ll be happy to accept your return and refund. Please refer to our【Return Policy】for further information.


Do you accept wholesale / dealer? Wholesale program?

If you would like to become a distributor of FW+PLUS Product Lines, please contact our sales department:【Contact Us】page for application request.