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Using the newest generation teeth whitening FW+PLUS PhotoQuick™ Photo-Initiated Whitening Gel and FW+PLUS Light Transmitter, achieving the best teeth whitening effect!  Allowing you to experience simple, easy Light teeth whitening at home, with the same result, at a tenth of the expense!  All FW+PLUS products are developed and manufactured by professional USA R&D Lab and are safe and effective! FW+PLUS entire range of products, including the Extra-Strength Whitening Tooth Paste, Tooth Whitening System, and others, are manufactured under the strictest production standards, adhere completely to ISO certified and USP compliant production standards for safe, stable quality assurance. Production process specifications used by major pharmaceutical companies, and are approved by the Ministry of Health. Providing effective neutralization for factors that cause yellowing teeth, including red wine stains, coffee stains, smoking stains, tea stains, food coloring, and teeth stains naturally accumulated over time.

• The latest generation whitening formula, FW+PLUS PhotoQuick™ Photo-Initiated Whitening Gel FW+PLUS Light Transmitter
• Easy power switch design – simply select ON or OFF
• Gentle, low-sensitivity whitening gel
• Super convenient DIY procedure letting you whiten your teeth right at home
• Approved by Ministry of Health and protected by product liability insurance
• A great product for teeth whiteness maintain 

Easy Steps for the Home DIY Light Whitening to powerfully remove teeth stain:
1. Squeeze whitening gel into mouth tray portion of the Light Transmitter
2. Put light transmitter into mouth and press power switch to simply and readily whiten your teeth 

Your FW+PLUS (Light) Tooth Whitening System includes:
• Mouth Tray
• 2 FW+PLUS PhotoQuick™ Photo-Initiated Whitening Gel (3ml/pc)
• 1 Light Transmitter (free bonus)
• Instructions: includes a detailed English instruction pamphlet

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15 reviews for FW+PLUS (Light) Tooth Whitening System

  1. Barrett

    They are great. I have been using them for over 5 years and my dentist says I have THE WHITEST of any of his patients.

  2. Broderick

    This teeth whitening kit is easy to use and works well. My teeth were noticeably whiter after the first use. The tray is comfortable and you do your business while teeth whiten.

  3. Oliver

    The whitening kit was able to give me a noticeably whiter teeth. Great kit that I would definitely recommend.

  4. Tom

    My teeth are brighter and stains are gone. I already purchased more for future maintainance. The best results I have had compared to other treatment kits.

  5. Gemma

    Product does exactly what it claims to do. After 6 sessions my teeth were much brighter unlike all the toothpaste ads which promise results that I never see. The mouth tray is comfortable as is the light which is held in the mouth during treatment.

  6. Ingrid

    I think the light helps this work better and I would compare it to a dentist whitening treatment. You can do it at home !

  7. Eve

    Works so well! Surprisingly well actually. My fiance is going to buy one too so we can have white teeth for our wedding!!!!!!!!

  8. Dolores

    The result surprised both me and my friend. I had problem with my teeth so it turned not as white as I wanted but thanks to such product. I can finally smile without any worries.

  9. Michaelia

    Awesome product. No need to go to mall for teeth whitening. This is done on your own time with the same results. Easy to use on a minimal amt of time.

  10. Aaron

    Love this stuff so much! Perfectly white teeth without the sensitivity.

  11. Antonia

    It’s so good product. I don’t need to go and fix it with my dentist. You make your teeth white at home and cost nothing comparing with dental treatment. Highly recommend!

  12. Jeff

    The product does exactly what it is supposed to do. Whiten teeth beautifully. I love it!

  13. Sophia

    This product works as intended and I love using the light!

  14. Elton

    I am deeply impressed! 2 uses for only 15 minutes each and my coffee stains are gone! my teeth look absolutely fantastic! Hands down an outstanding deal!!

  15. Louise

    This product is exactly what it says it is. It works wonders for whitening and it does it QUICK.

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