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The easiest to use at-home DIY “ThermoForming” mouth tray. Purchase the DIY mouth tray that’s the same as what the dentists use. Thinner in size. Through our “ThermoForming” Mouth Tray, you too may now enjoy a product like the custom teeth tray you get at the dental office, in less than a tenth of the expense. Each package comes with two “ThermoForming” Mouth Trays and a detailed English usage instruction manual.

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 9 × 18.5 × 3.5 cm

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14 reviews for FW+PLUS ThermoMold Mouth Tray Pack

  1. Eleanore

    Great price! I finally molded the teeth molds to my teeth and used it for he first time last night. Love it!

  2. Stephens

    Product arrives quickly and was as advertised. Thank you!

  3. Gracie

    Wow. I feel so lucky to have found this product. I’ve been searching for a mouth guard and finally read the reviews for this one and realized that I must give it a try.

  4. Larkin

    These guards are really easy to mold and they fit perfectly once molded.

  5. Charles

    If I could give ten stars I would. This mouth tray was so inexpensive and so easy to mold.

  6. Byron

    I bought this to replace a thinner mouth guard that my dentist made for me. I actually like this better.

  7. Olive

    I highly suggest this product and it will be the only mouth tray I buy.

  8. Eva

    Tried a lot of different gaurds. This is even better from the dentist. Great detailed instructions that are easy to follow.

  9. Dana

    After following the instructions to create my mouth guard I got a pretty nice fit compared to other guards I’ve used.

  10. Abigail

    I’ve used the store brands for years with no problems. The price is really right and i think you will love them.

  11. Deborah

    I have used the dentist custom made mouth tray and this one. I think this one is just as good! If you follow the fitting directions carefully it works great to mold around you teeth.

  12. Max

    The day I made the mold I thought it may be too thick. However when using it I was pleasantly surprised how great it was.

  13. Jerry

    Product as described and delivered in perfect condition. Super quick delivery.

  14. Lynn

    These are very well made and can be custom fit for each user.

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