How to Buy

You can browse a variety of different types of items or use the top right of the page【】to find specific items, if you see a product you want to buy, please click on the【ADD TO CART】button to begin the checkout process. Please follow the instructions on the checkout pages and completing the entire ordering process. We will then be able to process your order and prepare your shipment.

Our site has the “Guest Checkout” feature, meaning you can place orders immediately at our site without the need to create an account first. You can fill out information on the online order form to make purchases immediately without the need to first create an account at our site. This way the checkout process is simplified so you can buy goods immediately. Of course, you can also choose to create an account in advance and then make your purchases.

You can choose according to personal demand for payment. The current forms of payment we provide are【Stripe】,【Credit Card】,【Cash On Delivery】,【CVS Payment】,【Bank Transfer】,【PayPal】. Overseas customers can pay with【Stripe】,【Credit Card】,【UnionPay】,【Alipay】,【WeChat Pay】,【TenPay】and【PayPal】.

After you complete your order, our online shopping system will immediately send an order confirmation email to your specified email box. In the email there will also be information in detail on how you can complete the order payment if order is still unpaid. In addition, after completion of the ordering process, you can simply click on the top right corner of page【】to find out your chosen payment method and payment instructions.

Generally, once we confirm your payment has been received, the shipment will be shipped in one to two working days, (national holiday postponed a day). Delivery time in Taiwan is one to two working days. Delivery time in other regions / countries please browse the【FAQ】page.