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No more needing to go through the pain of making your custom mouth trays! The latest generation of cosmetics dentistry grade teeth whitening contains just 5 “Ready-Use” Whitening Trays. This newest teeth whitening method easily whitens your teeth and lets you to experience identical results at home, at a tenth of the expense. Each “Ready-Use” Whitening Tray comes pre-filled with FW+PLUS formula Mint Whitening Essence™ Whitening Gel. Actually requiring just 1 super easy step, simply put it into your mouth and immediately whiten your teeth! No muss and no fuss! Providing the quickest whitening shortcut, it’s perfect for your busy schedule! Perform cosmetics dentistry grade teeth whitening simply and easily, at home!

All FW+PLUS products are developed and manufactured by professional USA R&D Lab and are safe and effective! FW+PLUS entire range of products, including the Extra-Strength Whitening Tooth Paste, Tooth Whitening System, and others, are manufactured under the strictest production standards, adhere completely to ISO certified and USP compliant production standards for safe, stable quality assurance. Production process specifications used by major pharmaceutical companies, and are approved by the Ministry of Health. Providing effective neutralization for factors that cause yellowing teeth, including red wine stains, coffee stains, smoking stains, tea stains, food coloring, and color accumulation from aging teeth.

• Experience the newest cosmetics dentistry grade teeth whitening procedure at a tenth of the expense
• No more DIY making mouth trays – just simply put tray in mouth and start whitening immediately
• Each “Ready-Use” Whitening Tray comes with foam pads that are pre-filled with extra-strength FW+PLUS Mint Whitening Essence™Whitening Gels. Fitting closely to your teeth surface
• Soft, ergonomic silicone mouth tray
• Simply put on to start quick, effortless teeth whitening
• Even tighter fitting mouth tray design provides more uniform teeth whitening

Simple 1-Step! Experience the Cosmetics Dentist Grade teeth whitening procedure right at home, and powerfully remove teeth stain:
1. Tear open the package, put the whitening tray into your mouth and bite to a close, then immediately start whitening your teeth! 

Your FW+PLUS Tooth Whitening Tray Program includes:
• 5 FW+PLUS Tooth Whitening Tray
• Instructions: includes a detailed English instruction pamphlet

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14 reviews for FW+PLUS Tooth Whitening Tray

  1. Leona

    Really a remarkably effective product! Easy to use and very affordable. If you are on the fence definitely get it.

  2. Eli

    Fantastic results and good value don’t waste your money on anything else

  3. Maud

    I have very sensitive teeth and have had no pain at all. Wish i had taken before picture.

  4. Carey

    They perform amazing. Take a before and after picture before you start your treatment. You will see the different!

  5. Ben

    Works awesome! Just 15 minutes and you see results. No sensitivity for me. Would highly recommend.

  6. Ferdinand

    LOVE this product. It is so easy to use. Just put in mouth and starts whitening.

  7. Patricia

    Easy to use! Fast results! I got a beautiful white smile!

  8. Anne

    This is the best whitening product I’ve tried so far

  9. Frank

    Works great and doesn’t irritate my sensitive gums.

  10. Yvonne

    I have noticed a great result! My teeth are white! Smiling is now something I do without cringing! Very easy to use.

  11. Ben

    This is exactly what I wanted and paid for. No problems.

  12. Andrew

    I have used this product and it works well. The seller was very nice and answered my question within 1 hours.

  13. Milton

    Simple use! Use this while traveling.

  14. Brook

    I am very happy with the results. I didn’t have any sensitivity after either like some products can cause.

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